JKD Curriculum

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Some Concepts

·         -Simultaneous attack and defense.

·         -Safety (maintain a good cover and balance). 

·         -Effective use of body mechanics (maximum force). 

·         -Longest weapon to the closest target. 

·         -Always consider follow-ups (assume nothing is final). 

·         -Analyze and improve the speed of all techniques. 

·         Initiation.

Forward/Outward Motion.


·         -Understanding the progression of range. 

·        Kicking.




·         -You must accept reality before you can train for it. 

·         -Each aspect must be adapted to your body and mind. 

·         -Deflecting-parrying-dissolving. 

·         -Do not use force against force. 

·         -The imaginative use of equipment and training methods. 

·         -Let the weapon teach the hand. 

·         -Always cultivate your tools. 

·         -Continually expand your abilities. 

·         -The body’s and mind’s ability’s are endless. 

·         -Analyze everything you can for: 

·         Economy.



·         -Sensitivity: feel it-dissolve it-counter it. 

·         -A technique or concept is good only if you can train it. 

·         -Flow. 

·         -You will fight how you train. 

·         -Mobility and Footwork. 

·         -Flight time. 

·         -Open minded approach to all arts regardless of culture. 

·         -"Using No Way As Way".

·         -"Having No Limitations As Your Limitations". 

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