JKD Curriculum

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Seattle  Curriculum

Gin-Lai or Salutation

Bi-jong or ready stance
· (Incorporating the Centerline Theory)

Immovable Elbow Theory

Four Corner Theory

a. Forward
b. Backward
c. Shifting right
d. Shifting left

Sil Lim Tao (basic form taught in Seattle)

Straight punches and elbow punches and various body punches

Bil-jee (finger jab)

a. Forward straight heel kick
b. Forward shovel kick
c. Side kick
1- Low side kick
d. Low toe kick
e. Groin toe kick
f. Hook kick (medium & high) 
g. Spinning back hook kicks

Chi Sao (sticking hands)

a. Tan sao
b. Bong sao
c. Gong sao
d. Vertical fist punch
e. Fook sao or elbow contained bent wrist block
f. Palm strikes - vertical - side - and palm up

a. Pak sao
b. Lop sao
c. Chop chuie - Gwa chuie 
d. Pak sao lop sao gwa chuie
e. Lop sao chung chuie lop sao chung chuie
f. Chop chuie gwa chuie lop sao chung chuie

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