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Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

IMB Academy  Curriculum

GM Richard Bustillo IMB Academy Phase Training
Here is a progression of GM Richard Bustillo, this is only one way of many taught at the IMB Academy. 

There was never a real syllabus that was taught to anyone person, you were always taught in ranges, and you just used what you wanted to teach in each phase. GM Bustillo teaches 1-3 phases at his school in California. What he taught was never fixed in any real order. Like JKD he just went with the flow.

Basic outline
(Close range) Close range grappling system/program. The highly effective art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Shooto wrestling, catch as catch can wrestling, Judo and Jujitsu gives a wide variety of position and submission training methods, which strengthen an individual's ability to defend themselves from the ground and standing.

(Middle range) Muay Thai Boxing and Western Boxing includes the development of an individual's personal weapons, emphasizing punch, kick, elbow, knee coordination and evasive body movements for an effective defense

(Long range) Weaponry self-defense from the Filipino Martial Arts of Kali, Arnis, Escrmia, featuring single and double stick coordination drills that provide a better awareness towards the various angles of offense, defense, and counters & recounters.

The Kali / Eskirma / Arnis syllabus; at IMB Academy consists of the fundamental basic coordination and exercises for twirling, angling, footwork for defense, offence and counter techniques. The intermediate stage continues with the lines of attack for the numbering system of many different styles of KEA for defence and disarming techniques. Pormas or forms are added to enhance weapon control and handling. Advance stage is the sparring training of single or multiple attacks. Weapons against empty hand sparring is also introduced at this level

(Self-discovery range) Jeet Kune Do is the philosophies, concepts and training methods of Bruce Lee - increasing an individual's awareness through the understanding of their own personal abilities and limitations

The Phase 1 J.K.D.
The basic twirling and various numbering systems of many long range Filipino arts are taught at this level. The basic offence / defense / counter hand strikes, kicks, knee and elbow strikes of Muay Thai and boxing are taught for the middle striking range. The close range grapple of floor exercises and basics techniques are taught. 

The Phase 2 J.K.D.
Tan Sao, Basic trapping: Pak Sao, Tan sao, Bong Sao & Applications Goang Sao, Fook Sao, Sliding Leverage Chung Chuie, Bil Jee, Fook Da with applications. Shoulder Stop Evasive Tactics (Slip, Duck, Bob & Weave, Snapback, Shoulder Roll) Stop Kicking Lead Leg Jam
Simple Energy Drills (Dissolving Energy) Lop Sao Switch Drill (Dissolving Energy) Continuous Pak Sao Drill, Practical Application of Continuous Pak Sao Drill Continuous Lop Sao Drill, Boang Sao/Lop Sao Roll Drill (with All Switches), Tan Sao Wedge Drill, Defense Against Grabs, Defense Against Specific Situation Attacks
Five Ways Of Attack Simple Angular Attack (SAA) and its converse Simple Direct Attack (SDA). Hand Immobilization Attack (HIA) and its counterpart Foot Immobilization attack, which make use of trapping to limit the opponent's function with that appendage. Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA). Attacking one part of the opponent's body followed by attacking another part as a means of creating an opening. Attack By Combinations (ABC). This is using multiple rapid attacks, with volume of attack as a means of overcoming the opponent. Attack By Drawing (ABD). This is creating an opening with positioning as a means of counter attacking. The Intermediate offence / defence / counter hand strikes, kicks, knee and elbow strikes of Muay Thai and boxing are taught for the middle striking range. Intermediate Stick fighting drills and concepts. The close range JKD standing grappling, and floor exercises and intermediate ground grappling techniques are taught. 

JKD training

1. The breakdown of your fighting stance, principles and concepts that work for you!
2. Trapping principles from two hand reference points
a. One hand outside
b. One hand outside, one inside
c. Two hand inside
d. Two hand outside

Basic beginning follow-up combinations
a. Straight blast
b. Pak sao-Da
c. Lop sao-Da
d. Jut Sao both hands, Rt. punch to solar plexus
e. Cross trap, Lan sao (elbow drop trap) Lt. punch
f. Cross trap, Lan sao (elbow drop trap) Lt. punch, Rt. hammerfist, to straight blast
g. Pak sao to Lop sao same arm
h. Lop sao, pull arm around waist, left hand grab it from behind, ankle pick to throw forward!

Development of Swing Gate Drill; a. ball and socket (outside to inside), Circle backfist (inside to outside)

Trapping with Lop sao
1. Lop sao, Lt. elbow drop pin, Rt. punch
2. Lop sao-da to Lop sao-da
3. Lop sao to Pak sao-da

Inch punch with hands down to your sides hitting through target,

Front leg Kicks (Offensive & Defensive) Neg. & Pos. energy

1. Stop kick to shin-knee, with foot work; a. slide b. Step and slide c. shuffle steps d. pendulum.

2. Stop kick to trapping see reference points
3. Stop kick to trapping to locking
4. Stop kick to trapping to grappling takedowns

Entries to grappling
1. Lop sao to Lan sao-da to front twist to rear choke
2. Lop sao-da to double leg takedown
3. Lop sao-da to trap to chicken wing
4. Lop sao-da to crossover to armlock
5. Lop sao-da to trap arm around waist with ankle pick takedown to shomach
6. Lop sao-da to trap lead arm around waist, from behind reach around pull out on both knees, head push to tailbone takedown to stomach free lance follow ups
7. Lop sao to ear strike, forearm across throat to rear choke, kick knee out takedown to three point position, shin against opponent back, drill at controling opponent movement in this position. Watch for mass attack!

Defenses for jabs and crosses-kicking range
1. Front hand parry, low side kick- to single leg pick
2. Front hand parry low side kick, low round kick- body clinch
3. Parry, side kick, spin back kick- low shoot to high clinch
4. Parry, side kick, spin back kick, backfist, they block, lop sao straight blast- off balance backwards

The Phase 3 
Counter Traps for Pak Sao, Counter Traps for Lop Sao, Combining Trapping & Grappling
Combining Kicking with Trapping, Tek/High Oou Tek) Entering Off Jeet Tek Touch & Go Entering Drills, Arm Bar Choke Side Strangle Wrist Lock Neck Torque Thumb Gouge
Figure Four Arm Lock Reverse Arm Lock Claw to Face/Throat (Miscellaneous) Step through Hip Throw Single-leg Takedown Groin Grab/Tear/Pull Four Basic Leg Traps & Applications Counter-Grappling Tan Sao Grip Release Huen Sao Grip Release
Immediate Counter with Hand/Foot Techniques, Five Ways of Attack Advanced
Single Direct Attack (SDA) and Single Angulated Attack (SAA) Attack By Combination (ABC), Progressive Indirect Attack, Hand Immobilization Attack (HIA) Attack By Drawing (ABD), Trapping Hand Range Headbutts, Knees, & Elbows In Trapping Range, The Interception (Lead Leg Kick, Lead Bil Jee, Lead Straight Punch) The Advanced offence / defence / counter hand strikes, kicks, knee and elbow strikes of Muay Thai and boxing are taught for the middle striking range. Advanced Stick fighting drills principles and concepts. The close range standing grappling, and floor exercises and advanced ground grappling techniques are taught.

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