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This website is a tribute to Sijo Bruce Lee and his great art, leaving aside all differences and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do politics. Providing a source of information as a reference, where people can go study and then train in Jeet Kune Do.  In no way is this a business.

The philosophy of self discovery and development!

Jeet Kune Do is not a style. It is a philosophy of self discovery and development. As founder and creator Bruce Lee stated, the main philosophy of Jeet Kune Do is "using no style as style, using no way as way" or to "absorb what is useful, to reject what is useless and to add what is specifically your own." The goal of Jeet Kune Do is not the accumulation of hundreds of techniques and memorized movements, but rather the search for "the cause of one's ignorance". .
Jeet Kune Do is the product of Bruce Lee's search for the truth in martial arts.  It is sometimes referred to as the formless form because one of it's main rules or principles is to use whatever works, to be bound by nothing.  But, does this mean that Jeet Kune Do is just a concept?  That there is no structure to the art?  Well, yes....and no.  Although there are many concepts and strategies that make up the core of JKD, there must also be some sort of structure to it. How much you adhere to that structure is up to the individual. Because the individual is more important than the art. So the question is, "What is Jeet Kune Do?"

"If any style teaches you a method of fighting, then you might be able to fight according to the limit of that method, but that is not actually fighting." ~Bruce Lee 


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